Antoine Sottiau / SandRock


Hello. This is my personnal homepage. I'm a software developer. Here is what I'm up to.

I'm working at Wygwam in Lille (France).


I have many side-projects

Betaseries for Windows Phone 7
Betaseries WP7 on marketplace
And a lot more...


I have a few open-source projects API client for .NET on CodePlex
SrkToolkit contains bricks of code for various .NET flavours (WPF, WCF, Silverlight).
It's actually in a process of stabilization before I open the sources.
A few are in the process of opening to the public...

profile for SandRock at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers


I started many blogs. Three are abandonned but still online.

Ambiguous code .NET (english)
Ambiguous code .FR (french)
I'm blogging about .NET stuff in the language the most relevant (that's there are 2).


Here is what I'm interested about:

SandRock on Twitter
Shared items on Google Reader



Very old/useless stuff

No quite interesting.

First blog Second blog Aion-Origin (dead)

There are also secret ninja things.

Secret ninja things

They are really hidden. No javascript magic here, just ninjas :)